✓ Get press coverage

✓ Gain new fans

✓ Grow social media following + engagement

Ready to connect with your audience? The Independent Artist PR Toolkit has everything you need to distill your message and map out your branding strategy, then translate it into engaging social media and professional-standard press materials.  


The full package

Think of your EPK as your gateway to press and your first impression; a self-contained introduction to you and your music. 

✓ Create a polished, professional EPK

✓ Maximise press opportunities

✓ Stand out and get coverage


Scheduled and ready

Take the guesswork and inconsistency out of social media with a plan tailored to your message and schedule and watch the followers roll in.

✓ Grow your social media with ease

✓ Increase followers and engagement

✓ Simplified and streamlined, tailored to you


Get to know you

It's easy to get tunnel vision when you're so familiar with your project. Take a look from the outside and lock in the tone of voice which is truest to you and speaks to your audience.

✓ Bring your perfect branding to fruition

✓ Fill your audience with engaged listeners

✓ Connect with existing fans and attract new ones


Measured + improved

Setting goals is an essential step to ensuring success in any project. Set obtainable goals, stay the course, and effectively track your results for the best release possible. Take the knowledge with you into your next campaign and continuously improve your streaming and social media numbers.

✓ Monitor what's most important to you

✓ Increase listeners and followers

✓ Continuously grow and improve


100,- limited introductory offer

Ready to improve your social media, increase listeners, and get press coverage?

Get the Independent Artist PR Toolkit for only 100,- through September and start improving your digital presence today.

✓ Analyse where you're starting from

✓ Chart your goals

✓ Plan your social media

✓ Prep your press materials

✓ Create your EPK

✓ Arrange your timeline

✓ 50 pages of easy-to-use, reusable PDFs

✓ Detailed examples of every page

✓ Free updates and expansions for life (if purchased through September 2020) - including access to the online course

✓ Printable

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